Dedicated to Palm Tree & Sub-Tropicals Gardeners in cooler climates.

Introduction to growing palms & sub-tropical plants in the cooler climates of zones 6-8

  Have you ever driven through a neighborhood in your home town and noticed shockingly, a palm tree planted and growing in someones yard and you're nowhere near the coast? Well, if you haven't, you will soon, because it's fast becoming popular. But palms won't grow here you say to yourself and soon convince yourself that when winter season arrives, that palm tree is history! Well guess what, if the owner of that property, or the planter of that tree chose a cold hardy variety of palm, and planted it properly, you'll be seeing that palm again next summer, and many summers to follow, thriving, growing, and looking great.

 Meet one of the newest landscaping trends of people like yourself who love a tropical looking environment and want to bring it home with them after vacationing at the coast.

 But how can I choose the right palm, and learn how to properly plant and care for it if I've never done this before, and don't know anyone who has?

 Hopefully this website will answer a lot of your questions or direct you to the places where you can get the information you're looking for.

 So get busy looking around, trying the links, and you may just discover that what you once thought was impossible, is indeed very possible, and that you will soon be lounging under a palm in your very own back yard and be the envy of your neighborhood.

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 I hope that you enjoy your visit, and that you'll return again and again as more updates are made to this site.

I plan to post pictures of palms growing here in my home town of Spartanburg, S.C. during the next growing season of 2008, sometime around mid summer.  Those that live in this area may be very surprised at just how popular they have already become in Spartanburg. I'll even list the general areas so that you can drive by and see them for yourself, but please view them from the road unless it is a business property or you have prior permission from the home owner.



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